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Free Floating Card Magic Trick

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"My Friend Rolled His Eyes When I Asked Him To Pick A Card, But When The Card Started Free Floating, His Eyes Bugged Out, His Mouth Dropped Open, And He Yelled, 'WHAT? THAT'S CRAAAAZY!'..."

"You got me with the card passing under :) Nice job on the effect!"
- Steve Fearson, magic trick inventor for David Blaine, David Copperfield, and many others

"Superb! My friends were shocked."
- Visal

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(No camera tricks or photo editing used)

"Wow thats crazy man i thought you were lifting it with your finger then you wave the card under it wow man thats crazy!!!!!!!!!!" - Zach G.

"yea i got the e-book and it was really good! i was really suprised! i thought that since i bought it over the internet it would be a jip, but it really works." - Danny Knudson

"It works like a dream, especially on women." - Joe Howey

Now Imagine What They'll Say When YOU Start Floating Playing Cards. (Especially If You're A Clumsy Klutz Who Can Barely Shuffle)

Tim David, CMP (Certified Magic Professional)

Dear friend,

Aren't you tired of those annoying "deal 3 piles" card tricks? Well, guess what? Your friends are too! Nobody wants to see another boring pick-a-card, find-a-card trick.

Listen, I've been a full-time professional magician for over 16 years and I still see it every day. If you're going to do a card trick, it better be as good as the new Free Floating Card.

With the new Free-Floating Card magic trick, you can do everything you see in the video above, plus more! Check this out...

  • You can do it any time you want and as many times as you want. Can you imagine their faces when you start floating a card at the next poker night?

  • Create the illusion of a REAL free-float! Your fingers don't touch the card at all

  • Float a card in broad daylight without using strings, threads, wires, "wind", magnets, chemicals, smoke, mirrors, or static electricity!

  • The Free Floating Card floats almost two inches above your hand. You can even pass another card underneath to prove it!

  • A perfect "street magic" card trick -- it happens right under their noses, but they'll NEVER FIGURE IT OUT!

  • Nothing up your sleeve (Really, you can do this trick topless if you want)

  • You can let the spectator examine the card that you just made float, they'll find nothing out of the ordinary! And get this -- there's NO SWITCH! The card can even be signed to prove it.

  • Requires little to no sleight of hand and no props.

  • Free floating card is completely under your control at all times.

  • So simple to do, a trained monkey with arthritis could do it!

  • Use a card the spectator selects from a shuffled deck -- FREE CHOICE (no force of any kind)

  • Can be repeated immediately with a different card.

  • Exclusive to, you can't get it anywhere else!
Steve Schneiderman from said:

"I watched the little video on his web site and snickered because I thought I pegged the principle right away, but then he absolutely floored me, and reality went out the frigging window, boys.

You have a card selected. You lay it on your palm face up. It begins to slowly rise upwards about two inches. OK, you are probably thinking he's poking it up with his fingers. Wrong. You can see his fingers in plain site at all times.

OK, you are thinking magnets. No.

Threads? No.

He then cleanly passes another card beneath the floating card. Whoa! That was a mind blower. It looks so cool. You will carry this everywhere and look for reasons to perform it. Heck, throw it into the middle of any routine -- it's that good.

You receive an Adobe PDF file that explains everything clearly with photos and a fun description. You'll be performing it within minutes. This one is a certifiable keeper, boys. Get it."

This is the perfect free floating card magic trick for "street magic". People will gasp in disbelief and sometimes even scream! They'll look at you like you know voodoo or something.

It'll be even better and funnier when you pull this little gem on your buddies at the next poker night. They won't ever let you deal again!

It's actually quite funny when you know how simple the trick really is. Don't ever be caught doing boring card tricks again.

You'll Be Free Floating A Card In Less Than 20 Minutes!

Here's What You Get:

  • A very detailed, 23-page ebook with 29 photos showing you the clever combination of secrets behind the trick. (Format: Adobe PDF, File size: 2081k) - You will be able to download and read it immediately!
  • Exactly how to make your own special "gimmick" - It's VERY easy, it will take less than 5 minutes and you probably already have everything you need. If not, you can get everything for around a dollar.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to do the full routine, plus alternate floating card techniques and bonus ideas.

Sounds Great, Tim! How Much?

If you were to buy a trick like this in a magic shop, you would have to spend at least $20. You see, when you buy magic tricks you are paying for the secret and a secret this good ain't cheap.

However, since you are getting the secret in ebook form we can eliminate some of our expenses and bring the trick to you for much less than $20. How much less?


* We dropped the price to $6.97 as a temporary marketing test.

Thanks for reading,
Tim David, CMP

P.S. Remember, this trick uses no threads, wires, magnets, or wind of any kind. You'll carry this with you wherever you go and you'll be ready to float a card at a moment's notice, no matter what the circumstances.

P.P.S. What I say about this trick isn't nearly as important as what my customers say. Read their unsolicited comments by clicking here.

P.P.P.S. When you click the "ORDER NOW" link above, you will be taken to our secure order form. The simple instructions for downloading the Free Floating Card ebook are fully outlined.

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